Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This is a Blog

This is a semi-blog on drugs (Brummett's new thing).

Any questions?

Well if you do, too bad for you! You will have to post your comments for Brummett here, because Brummett's "blog" does not allow for comments! I think a lot of us feel that without the ability to comment on the articles, it's not really a blog. It is no different from a short series of articles posted online- just like his paper does now.

The dinosaur media is having a very hard time with the idea that "just anybody" should be able to respond to their screeds. They are having a hard time letting go of the idea that they should win debates only because they have the biggest microphone and regardless of their ability to defend their positions intellectually. Those are the ones that will diminish.

It is evolution at work. Survival of the fittest. The environment is changing all around them. No longer is technology used soley to put out information en mass. It can now be used to allow for a real-time ebb and flow of information and ideas that can be viewed en mass. If we are virtueous enough, we can have an electronic version of the classical Greek society where they sat around the ampitheatre and held great debates and discussed lofty issues. Or we can use it strictly to exchange childish personal insults. That depends on our virtue and choices.

My point is that regardless of what we do with it, the technology will ensure the debate goes forward. The dinosaur media will progressively lose its ability to "shout down" the common man who is right and is able to explain why he is right. If Brummett has a steady stream of insider nuggets, people may stop off there briefly to learn about it, but then they are going to come to places like this one or the Arktimes to discuss what it means. Eventually, the insider nuggets will by-pass the middle man in this process.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brummett needs to allow comments on his "blog" or it isn't a blog. It is just another notch on his amplifier to shout over the common folks.

11:18 PM, January 10, 2007  
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