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Going Nuclear: Illegal Immigration and Lame Excuses

Rep. Rick Green has a decent bill (HB 1024) that would at least require that contractors with the state government contracts certify that they are not hiring illegal aliens. He is still tweaking the bill to deal with the critical issue of subcontractors hiring illegal aliens. That is how most contractors who want to cheat skirt the law- they find one legal immigrant and hire him as a "subcontractor" so that there is a wall of separation between the contractor and the one who hires the illeglas.

Well, after reading the Laura Kellams column today on all this, I am about to go nuclear on some of the excuse makers. As usual when I go nuclear in a column, I must warn you that the high radiation levels of truth, fact, and righteous indignation could melt your monitor. You must assume all risk for that when you click "Sunday" below and scroll down to read the rest of this article.....


Anonymous Mark Moore said...

Kellams quotes Rep. Jim Medley, who filed a resolution calling on the federal government to secure the borders, but claiming that the state can't do much about immigration issues. He offered up the gesture of a resolution because, as he admitted, his constituents wanted action from their "leaders".

I don't count gestures as action, and I don't buy excuses. I doubt Rep. Medley's constitutents will come next election either.

Anyway, Kellams reported that the state legislatures in the other states of the union are more into action and less into excuse making too. She writes..."That’s the opposite approach to what many states have been taking recently. The National Conference of State Legislatures ranks immigration as its No. 1 issue for states in 2007, deeming it so hot that it’s at “300 degrees,” beyond the boiling point.

The organization reported that state lawmakers filed a record number of bills regarding immigration last year: 570. Eighty-four bills were signed into law in 32 states."

So, in other states their leaders are committed to action, not excuses. Especially not lame ones. Like the excuses from contractors who are promising to squawk if the bill actually closes the loopholes that the cheaters among them have been using. The ones that squawk the loudest make me think there is a reason for it. The stuck pig is the one that hollers.

One of them complained contractors don’t have the legal right to inspect their subcontractors’ employment forms. So what? They don't need the "legal right". All they need is to say to the subcontractors "if you want the job, show me your guys are legal".

Good grief, I have worked for lots of people that wanted me to pee in a cup on demand. I did not have to do it- but I did not have to work there either. The contractors can verify their subs workers if they want to- and the honest among them should since it will help weed out the cheaters.

But the "Golden Crutch" Award for lamest excuse imaginable goes to the office of the Governor. Be prepared to faint from the sheer audacity and magnitude of the lameness that Gov. Mike Beebe uses to duck this issue.

Are you ready? Ok.

I mean, this is really bad. He gives you like ZERO credit for brains when he gives a DOA excuse like this.......

Really, its terrible. Brace yourself.

Beebe said he thinks the bill is redundant beacuse of a state regulation that prohibits the state from hiring illegal aliens.

The regulation just says state employees and doesn’t mention anything about the workers of contractors who do business with the state, much less subcontractors of state contractors.

So where does the Governor come off saying he thinks the bill is "redundant" because of this regulation? Listen to this, and feel the radiant glow of pure lameness: Beebe spokesman Matt De-Cample said the governor infers a “natural progression” from that regulation to contractors that the state hires.

Got that? The state has to confirm that its employees are citizens by internal regulation, but NOTHING in the regulation mentions anything about the contractors on whom we spend 1 billion taxpayer dollars each year. Yet somehow Beebe claims there is a "natural progression" that prevents a contractor with the state from hiring illegal aliens!

When is the last time Gov. Beebe was made to pee in that cup? That statement by the governor is just a crazy thing to say. It is like during the campaign when he said Roe v. Wade was a moot point because most of it had been undone by subsequent rulings! I am shocked and concerned about the Governor's pattern of concocting outrageous fantasies when confronted with an issue he does not want to work on.

Come to think of it, when he wants something he is equally liable to make patently false statements that no serious person could accept at face value. Consider what he said about the mis-named Equal Rights Amendment, which he wants passed. He actually claimed that there was no argument against the ERA that was not also used against giving women the right to vote!

That is just such a crazy thing to say. Were there homosexual activists using judges to impose gay marriage on America in 1910-1920? The ERA is going to prompt a wave of business-cripling lawsuits. Were we a litiginous society back then? Had federal judges started hallucinating new federal powers and authorities back then?

This Governor shows a disturbing pattern of saying something that is so just plain wrong that it is crazy to say it. He says things that make no sense, and that are without logical explanation. Jim Holt never said anything as crazy as that, and yet the media beat him up every month.

That brings me to another subject. Media bias. When I said earlier that Beebe displays a pattern of "patently false statements that no serious person could accept at face value" I was of course excluding most newspaper reporters and editorialists from the group "serious persons". How could I do otherwise when they repeatedly let Beebe get away with such blatent absurdities?

If they were "serious persons" how could they just report it without comment or followup when the Governor of this state gets it that wrong? I mean, this is the same Laura Kellams that demanded to go through every piece of paper in Jim Holt's life from birth on up. She spent two days going through his stuff, including his school report cards. Where he made bad grades in high school, she printed it!

Hey Laura, if it will help you be enough of a reporter to ask the obvious follow-up questions next time, pretend Beebe is Jim Holt!

5:15 AM, February 05, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Got that? The state has to confirm that its employees are citizens by internal regulation, but NOTHING in the regulation mentions anything about the contractors on whom we spend 1 billion taxpayer dollars each year. Yet somehow Beebe claims there is a "natural progression" that prevents a contractor with the state from hiring illegal aliens!"

Ok, Mark. I'm just trying to apply your logic in the above paragraph to what you say about the ERA. There is nothing in ERA that mentions gay-marriage or adoption, but don't you think it is a "natural progression" that those will be legalized under ERA?

7:12 AM, February 05, 2007  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

The ERA says no one can discriminate based on sex. It is open-ended as to who is allowed to discriminate (no one) and who is not allowed to be discriminated against (anyone) because of their sex.

The Reg 120 specifically limits the aplication of who (the state) is required to screen and who (state employees)is supposed to be screened.

I have come to understand the twisted workings of the statist mind. Whenever a rule can be twisted to push our culture left, it is quickly spun out of context in order to do so. Whenever and how ever a rule could be used to push us back to the right, that rule is undermined and tossed out.

The "penumbras" of an unstated "right to privacy" mandate mass abortion, but somehow the 2nd amendment's explicit statement on the people's right to keep and bare arms has no "penumbras". As a matter of fact, poor guys like Wayne Fincher who are fool enough to take the constitution seriously are sent to prison by statist judges who will not permit a constitutional defense.

The ACLU, NARAL and gay/lesbian groups are the ones that say the ERA will bring these things. I report what they say. And with what I have seen from the black-robed tyrant bench-legislators, I can see it. I don't wish to take that risk.

4:47 PM, February 05, 2007  

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