Friday, February 16, 2007

Republican Assembly Steps Up to the Plate on Hate Crimes

ARRA President Dr. Patrick Briney sent out a press release today on "Five Reasons to Oppose Hate Crime Bills. I hope readers of this blog will go to Republican Assembly website at this link and read it and use it as points to discuss with their legislators.

Quote from their home page: "The Arkansas Republican Assembly (ARRA) is the Republican wing of the Republican party in Arkansas. We are Republicans who are socially, morally, and fiscally conservative committed to strengthening the Republican party by upholding the traditional, Republican ideals that represent the American founders’ original intent. We believe in God, family, and country. We support policies that expand the rights, liberties, and responsibilities of individuals and that reduce the size and spending of government."

To put it bluntly, ARRA members believe the Republicans should walk the walk that they talk and they support those Republicans that do.

You might want to get better acquainted with them by going to their website at this link: They also have a blog at this link:


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