Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Teacher of the Year on All-Day Kindergarten

John Taylor Gatto was twice the New York State Teacher of the year before he left public education, because as he put it, "he no longer was willing to help hurt children".

Columnist VIN SUPRYNOWICZ has some nifty John Taylor Gatto quotes on all-day kindergarten, which presumably apply even more to pre-K.

""The Underground History of American Education," Gatto goes into detail:

"The push to extend 'day care' further and further into currently unschooled time importantly assists the formal twelve-year sequence, ensuring utmost tractability among first graders. ...

"The social pathologies we associate with modern children are natural by-products of our modern system of schooling which produces:

" -- Children indifferent to the adult world of values and accomplishment, defying the universal human experience laid down over thousands of years that a close study of grown-ups is always the most exciting and one of the most necessary occupations of youth. ...

" -- Children with a poor sense of the future, of how tomorrow is linked to today. Children who live in a continuous present. Conversely, children with no sense of the past and of how the past has shaped and limited the present, shaped and limited their own choices, predetermined their values and destinies to an overwhelming degree.

" -- Children who lack compassion for misfortune, who laugh at weakness, who betray their friends and families, who show contempt for people whose need for help shows too plainly. Children condemned to be alone, to age with bitterness, to die in fear.

" -- Children who can't stand intimacy or frankness. Children who masquerade behind personalities hastily fabricated from watching television and from other distorted gauges of human nature. Behind the masks lurk crippled souls. ...

" -- Dependent children who grow up to be whining, treacherous, terrified, dependent adults, passive and timid in the face of new challenges. And yet this crippling condition is often hidden under a patina of bravado, anger, aggressiveness."

Sound familiar? Want more of the same? Dragoon every Nevada kid into the mandatory government homogeneity camps at the age of 5."


Anonymous st.lucia said...

Somehow I don't expect to ever see a government study confirming that government programs turn kids into sociopaths...

6:58 AM, February 06, 2007  

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