Saturday, March 31, 2007

Final Four- Four Bills to Watch on Monday as Session Ends

We had a good week last week. The bad guys lost a couple, and the good guys still have a couple in play. Here are Debbie Pelly's four to watch on Monday...

There are four bills we need to be concerned about next week that need our action and our prayers. Legislators are hoping next Tuesday will be the last day of the Session. I certainly hope so too. Below are the email addresses and numbers to call. Also note the articles excerpts that concern some of the bills at the very end of this email.

1. Representative Jon Woods was miraculously able to get an illegal alien bill (HB2779) through the Judiciary Committee last Thursday, was able to get it passed through the House with 63 votes on Friday, and it is now in Senate Judiciary Committee, a tough committee. Below are excerpts from a newspaper article on this bill that you will find interesting: Link to bill:

2. The bill banning gay adoption (SB959 by Senator Shawn Womack) looked as though it was dead. In fact, in answer to emails the Governor has proclaimed it dead. However, some representatives are working on bringing it up on the House floor. If they can get 67 votes to allow it to come to the vote, they can vote on it. The liberal Democrats don't want to have to cast a vote on it. Many people believe that if they could bring it to a vote, that it would get a majority. It will take a miracle, but some legislators have seen a few of those recently. Pray and take action. At this time I understand they plan to try that Monday. They meant to Friday but decided to wait until Monday. Please ask all your church friends to pray and take action.

3. The hate crime bill by Wilkins went down in Judiciary committee. Wilkins could bring it up one more time, and some people are worried that he will. Several liberal representatives said if it came up for a vote, they would have to vote for it because of the constituents back home. It would be good to keep emailing and calling on this one to make sure they don't bring it back and get it through. It has already passed the Senate so it just has to be voted on in the House. Pray that it won't come out of committee and keep calling and keep emailing.

4. International Baccalaureate bill that would have given 24 hours college credit for high school IB diploma (the United Nations curriculum that demeans Christianity and patriotism) was defeated in House Education Committee. We don't think Rep. Hardwick will bring that one back up, but it is possible. It was only voted down once, and he could bring it back up one more time in committee. However, it would have to go through the House and then a committee and then the Senate, but the last couple days of session they can suspend rules and do it all in one day if they want to.

Number to call Senate to leave a message asking legislator to vote for or against a bill is Senate: 501-682-2902 and number for Representatives is 501-682-6211. Governor Beebe's phone number to leave a message is 501-682-2345


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