Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Not Sold on Thompson

Rumor has it that former Sen. Fred Thompson's wife Jeri, pictured here with Thompson, is urging her husband to run for President. She is a former politcal consultant.

The candidates that the GOP establishment would foist on us, with their co-conspiritors in the establishment media, are so unsatisfactory that conservatives across the country are coming to the stark realization that if something doesn't change, no amount of nose-holding can justify a GOP vote for President in 08.

The name of former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson has come up as a possible man to ride in on horseback and give conservatives someone to vote for. Thompson is a gravelly-voiced actor who had a pretty good TV and movie career going before spending eight years in the senate- where the complaint was that he was a "no-load". He projects "gravitas" all over the place, but by most accounts his performance was the opposite of that projection.

Some have theorized that Thompson does not mean to run, that some of the folks who are backing Guiliani have got him to tease us so that the anti-Guiliani vote will not be able to coalesce around one of the lesser-known conservative candidates in the race. The near media-blackout of three conservative congressmen seeking the nomination, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, and Ron Paul, may be a bigger factor. All we ever hear are the names Guiliani, Romney, and McCain. It may seem "conspiratorial" to think Thompson is a feint, but this would be a machination from our political class. I can assure you that some of these yahoos sit around and conspire all day long. I have had the misfortune of seeing some of them in action.

Or maybe he is not just a feint. If you want to go the conspiracy theory route, Rudy may be the feint. Or at least the ruling class wants to see if they have degraded America enough that we will accept a candidate like him. But if the GOP kool-aid proves undrinkable to the base, they have a substitute handy. It is tall suit that appears full but is actually mostly empty named Fred Thompson. And James Baker, the guy who ruined the conservative momentum in Reagan's 2nd term, is there pulling the strings. The main goal is to keep Tancredo, Hunter, and Paul out of the mix. Those three may actually serve the American people first, rather than globalist corporate interests. And that is the one thing the puppet-masters will not tolerate.


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