Friday, March 02, 2007

Poisoning A Generation

Good article here on how our education systems emphasis on "self-esteem" has produced a generation with a very different- and less realistic- self concept than that of the generations before it.

Those of us who read the Bible know that it is a bad idea to tell everyone how wonderful they are regardless of the way they act. The Bible teaches that our default position is not wonderful, but wicked. Self-respect comes from accomplishing something good, not pumping one up with unrealistic expectations of their place in the world. The Bible teaches us to "esteem others more highly than yourself". For the last twenty years the government schools have been teaching the opposite. Read the link if you don't already know the disaster-in-the-making results.

Those of use who consider the Scriptures in our understanding of what public policy should be have a lot to say about other issues too- like Pre-K and consolidation and workforce education and Magnet Schools and "Merit Pay" for teachers. Sometimes, like with the ERA, our warnings are heeded and we are turned back from a disaster. But we are just as correct about these other areas, where it seems our warnings go unheeded. Sometimes the connection between the Scriptures and policy for these other areas is less clear, but the connection between freedom and equality isn't.

The strategic approach you take stems from your basic assumptions about what you think the truth is. People who have trained themselves to think biblically will be able to detect these pitfalls and steer us clear of them- when they are listened to.


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