Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Sellout Continues, Your Tax Dollars Go to Mexican Consulate

I have received word from a usually reliable source that the flow of dollars from your pockets to the government of Mexico continues thanks to helpful politicians. It is now known that former Governor Mike Huckabee gave the Mexicans ten thousand taxpayer dollars from the "emergency fund" on his way out the door. Now we hear rumours that the city of Little Rock gave the Mexicans $50,000 from their "Economic Development Fund", and waived the normal fees associated with a building permit for their new Consulate on University.

This is madness. If there are some companies in this state that want to do business with Mexico that badly, then let them pay for the Mexican consulate, don't foist the bill off on the taxpayers. These consulates are infamous for issuing so called "Matricula ID Cards" that help illegal aliens find an easy way to wire money they earn here back to the "home country". They are bleeding us dry, aided and abetted by our "public servants". We would like to ask for copies of all the documents pertaining to the authorization to the City Manager, Bruce Moore for this transaction, resolution 12415.


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