Thursday, April 05, 2007

Morning News in All Out Effort to Push Illegal Immigration

The Springdale Morning News had as their lead story a report from the Rockefeller Foundation that immigrants- legal and illegal, were "good" for Arkansas's economy. The report documented that most of the immigrants were from Mexico and South America, and that the majority of the "immigrants" in Arkansas were here illegally. That part I believe. The part about them contributing more than they cost us, I don't believe. But the Morning News wants you to believe it.

Just in case you missed the lead story on the front page, the front page of the "Nation and World" section also had a pro-illegal alien story, this time below the fold but still prominent. Surely two large pro-"immigrant" stories in one day was enough to get the point?

But NO, the lead editorial today was yet another pro-illegal proganda effort- ripping on State Representative Jon Woods for introducing a bill that would have helped curb illegal immigration. Not one, not two, but three pro-ilegal stories in one paper in one day. The "experts" studies were cited as evidence that you should not believe your own eyes and ears that illegal aliens are turning our cities into crime-infested third-world slums.

It is clear that this is one of those issues that you simply cannot trust the corporate media to tell you the truth about. Their corporate masters can buy lots of ads you see. Cheap labor is good for business, at least the businesses that cheat by exploiting it. It is bad for the rest of business because, among other reasons, the illegals siphon off their excess earnings and instead of spending it in the community, they send it back "home".

Not to worry, our illegal immigrant problem is about to be solved by the implosion of our economy due to the mis-rule of our corporate masters and their political sock-puppets we call "elected officials" (And of course, the ones that get elected are the ones whose names we know because of frequent and favorable media coverage by these very same presstitutes). Yep, once the bottom falls out and the dollar collapses (remember where you heard it) those illegals that snuck in here will sneak out the same way. We will be left with the mess, the debt, and the burden of fighting any wars needed to keep whatever might be left of our freedom.

I don't know what reward the presstitutes think they are going to get out of this. What reward do they get by participating in turning the United States into a third world nation? Maybe they think if they betray the rest of us well enough the big-money boys will let them live in gated communities with them- safely insulated from the ghetto they helped create for the rest of us by constantly using their position to shout down opposition to open-borders globalist madness.

If that is what they are thinking, they had better think again. When the bottom falls out, the illegals may depart, but the natives are going to be restless. Very much so.


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