Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Notes from All Over as Session Ends

The Legislative session should end today, and not on a good note. Rep. Frank Glidewell is not even going to try to rescue SB959 (ban on queer foster parenting). It needed rescue from the committee it was sent to by Speaker Benny Petrus, because, it is widelyt believed, Petrus knew it would get an "unfair trial" in the House Judiciary Committee. He wanted it killed under this scenario. I am disappointed. It seems like it would have at least given the voters in this state a chance to see who the phonies are. Has Glidewell chosen not making other legislators mad at him over pinning one on the bad guys? I don't know.

Get this crazy exchange about Rep. John Woods bill to make it a crime to harbor illegal aliens. In another day and time, my father broke this law, and I might have done so myself for a single day- though in my case the fellow was trying to get back to Mexico. Still, get a load of this from the Morning News...

"Sen. Irma Hunter Brown, D-Little Rock. "The only way you're going to find out who's harboring an illegal immigrant is to go on a witch hunt or start going after people who don't look like you," she said."

Me: what an idiotic comment. A "witch hunt" is supposed to be a politcal persecution of those with unpopular views, not the prosecution of someone harboring an actual criminal. For example, "hate crimes" legislation that would shut me up for expressing views on this blog would be a "witch hunt". A bill which arrested me for harboring a fugitive who bombed an abortion clinic would not be. She should look it up.

Woods said there are about "63,000 people that live in Springdale, and between 7,000 and 9,000 can't speak English." Obviously trying to answer her "people who don't look like you" comment. People whose mind can only think in cliches have to do stuff like this. I see a whole deck of "race cards" stacked in her brain, ready to be played as a substitute for debating issues.

"Speaking a language other than English is not a crime and mentioning that as a reason for the bill raises the issue of whether supporters "are trying to pick and choose who we let in," Brown said.

Well, duh. Of course we are trying to pick and choose who we let in. We would be irresponsible not to. Now some of the big corporations who want cheap labor are not so picky. Their main interest is flooding the labor market so that the constitueints of Sen. Brown face a tough time finding a decent job, and stagnant wages. Apparently, protecting their interests in not on the Senator's plate.

In other notes: Got my mail piece from Senator John McCain with his "survey". It completely avoided social issues and just had borders as one question under "Homeland Security". It phrased the question in such a way as you were agreeing to "guest workers" as you agreed to "tighten the border". Who does he get to write these things? It might actuall cost him support in this state's GOP primary.

Mass. Governor Mitt Romney on the other hand, is riding high with a whopping $23 million raised- neck and neck with Clinton for the lead. The media is reporting that he raised the money, but saying nothing about HOW. I suspect that Mormons across the country are sending money to one of their own. Someone who has the resources should check into "the Mormon Connection", but then it would be un-PC to mention it. Just like some other things I could mention about Mormonism would be un-PC, though still true.


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