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AR GOP Chief Out of Step/ 9 of 10 Rep. Presidental Candidates Oppose Immigration Bill

Arkansas GOP Chief Out of Step With Nine of the Ten Republican Presidential Candidates Opposing Immigration Bill

Immigration is one of the social issues that new Chair of the GOP, Dennis Milligan, mentioned as one of the issues he and the Party would NOT be focusing on, saying , "In last year's election, the state GOP often ran on social hot-button issues such as illegal immigration, gay marriage, and abortion." (See exact quotes from two newspaper articles below). A newspaper article recently reported that Milligan "declined to take a stance on President Bush’s latest immigration bill."

Just a few days later only one out of ten Republican Presidential Candidates supported the Immigration bill being debated in the Senate (Republican Debate on CNN on June 5, 07). Is there any doubt that these nine presidential candidates traveling the nation haven't learned where the people stand on this issue? As a result, the candidates all seemed extremely eager, to oppose the immigration bill. (except for McCain who is a sponsor of the immigration bill)

Even Huckabee must have learned a thing or two in his candidacy. One would think he would be the first one out there to support the Bush/Ted Kennedy immigration bill after he has done so much for the illegal immigrants in Arkansas, at one time saying, " that a bill to deny state government benefits and voting rights to illegal immigrants 'inflammatory... race-baiting and demagoguery.'" Huckabee challenged the Christian values of its main sponsor Senator Jim Holt, saying, "I drink a different kind of Jesus juice." But one would never have seen a hint of that kind of attitude by Huckabee in the debate.

Today, June 6, 07 CNN reported that the immigration issue is the number one issue among Republicans and that now only 23% of citizens in the nation support the immigration bill (fallen by 3 points in a week) which will legalize 12 to 20 million illegals immediately.

Is there is a chance that we can get the Republican Chair to change as much as Huckabee has and realize immigration is extremely important, not only to Republicans but to Independents and to Democrats as well, and would be a winning issue if the Republican leaders would move to the side of the Republican base on this issue.

Milligan said (and I am sure he is reiterating what the corporate world -whom he said had come to him and asked him to serve have said) "I think the voters spoke very strongly. A lot of our people at the ballot box did express their unhappiness with the direction that the Republican Party was headed." Yes the people did speak, but Milligan and the Party leaders heard what they wanted to hear, not what the people really said.

Now that nine out of ten Republican candidates traveling the country have learned what is truly important to the members of the Republican Party as well as to the rest of the country, will the Republican leaders of the state party get the real message, or will they continue to minimize social issues, claiming they are losing elections?

And did you that watched the Republican debate last night see how religious all those Republican candidates were and how they couldn't wait to tell the people how Pro life they were? Did you notice that they ALL OPPOSED changing the military rules to allow gays to openly serve in the military while ALL the Democrats wanted to change the policy? Did you note that the other hot button issues the Republican Chair minimized in his comments in the paper were gay marriage and abortion. Yet the Presidential candidates took every opportunity to maximize these issues.

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Quote from first article May 7, 07: "State GOP treasurer and Saline County Republican Chairman Dennis Milligan said he believes he can help the party re-energize its supporters by focusing on fiscal, rather than social, issues. In last year's election, the state GOP often ran on social hot-button issues such as illegal immigration, gay marriage and abortion.
"Focus on less taxes and smaller government, some of the core issues that we believe in," Milligan said. "I think the voters spoke very strongly. A lot of our people at the ballot box did express their unhappiness with the direction that the Republican Party was headed."

Quotes from 2nd article in ardemgaz June 3, 07
"The Republican Party of Arkansas, which was beaten decisively in last year’s election, needs to dedicate itself to running next time on an anti-tax, pro-highway and pro-education agenda, its new chairman said.
"Milligan said he hopes to persuade Republican candidates to run for office under the broad goals of cutting taxes and stopping tax increases, improving highways to promote economic development, and finding ways to more efficiently spend tax dollars on education.
He declined to take a stance on President Bush’s latest immigration bill.
“That is between the president and Congress, and I am just going to let them hash it out and work it out,” Milligan said. “I just think that is something for probably smarter people than me to figure out. It is a tough situation either way, but something definitely needs to be done.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arkansas gets another F.

7:16 PM, June 07, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why isn't Dennis Milligan talking about Arkansas getting an F on property rights? Surely that is not one of the dreaded "social issues." What the heck IS he doing anyway?

7:17 PM, June 07, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's the man with "THE" plan. Property rights are not a part of that plan because the big money boys who propped Mulligan up reserve the right to take your house in order to build a strip mall. The local governments are fine with that since it gives them more sales tax revenue.

Welcome to Amerika. Great job Chairman.

2:36 PM, June 08, 2007  

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