Wednesday, June 20, 2007

CNN Lou Dobbs - Insane Provisions of Pending Immigration Bill

(The following is transcribed from Lou Dobbs video on

"Among the worst provisions illegal aliens would be given legal status just one day after their application is filed, even if a background check is not completed; and it could not be in nearly every instance. [12 to 20 million illegal aliens will become legal]

"Taxpayers, unite. You will be paying for the immigration attorneys to represent illegal aliens. How is that for a deal? You have got to love America!

"Supporters of the legislation call the new Z visas temporary. What they don't us to tell you is that the new visas can be renewed indefinitely.

"And gang members – illegal alien gang members are eligible for amnesty. The Heritage Foundation estimates there are, by the way, at least 30,000 illegal alien gang members in 33 states. All they have to do is say they don't want to be a gang membesr any more and Bingo.

"The federal government with taxpayer money, your money, will be helping the Mexican government provide enough incentives like a decent education and health care for Mexican citizens to stay in their own country.

"Illegal aliens don't have to pay those cumbersome nasty taxes. This is I think what we would call a very, very generous amnesty program. A lot of folks would like to get a hold of this opportunity.

"And a proposed new security and prosperity partnership, the North American Union, which would effectively erase borders among the United States, Mexico, and Canada, would be given top priority, fast tract for SPP.

"Border security, not first in this bill – we can't even find out what border security has to do with this legislation. It is all about amnesty.

"That 800 mile fence on the southern border could be slashed to just 200 miles.

"The Senate bill incorporates the so called Dream Act that gives instate tuition to illegal aliens, a benefit of course denied American citizens.

"Illegal aliens will under the terms of this legislation also be able to cut in front of everyone who have been waiting for years in their own countries for admission to the United States legally.

"And another outrageous provision of this bill I highlighted in the Heritage Foundation released today on the list of worst provisions - Get ready! Because among them - amnesty for illegal aliens who were ordered deported. That was unfortunate. Heritage says our immigration courts could be effectively shut down with this legislation as judges must close any immigration proceeding and allow illegal aliens to apply for amnesty.

"Senator Jeff Sessions today also saying there are a number of other loopholes in this law, among them he points out, learning English not required until the 9th year of amnesty.

"Illegal aliens will be eligible for the earned income tax credit. They don't have to pay back taxes but they will be eligible for the earned income tax credit – a tax credit by the way of course, designed to help this country's hard working men and women, citizens all.

[Senator Sessions said on the Senate floor that the 12 to 20 million people that could apply for instant legalization through the Z visa would have to pay 200 fine but then could apply for the $2,000 earned income tax at the end of the year.]

Another link to You Tube with very similary information on Lou Dobbs. - this is link for Heritage report that gives some more good details on most of the points above.


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