Saturday, July 21, 2007

North American Union: Without Your Knowledge or Consent

The North American Super Corridor will allow China to send toxic products throughout the United States without the bother of passing through our ports with their burdensome health and safety requirements.

I enjoy the writing of Alan Caruba. Here he talks about how the leaders of Mexico, Canada, and the United States are by-passing their legislative bodies to make de-facto trade law (called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP)). Please read it.

In spite of the fact that the average citizen has never heard of the SPP, many of our leaders are aware of the threat. Fourteen states have already passed resolutions directing the federal government to abandon the SPP. They understand the threat, but you probably have not even heard of it, because the corporate media is not about to foil the plans of their top advertisers by telling you. Rush will blather on about his cigars and golf game. And with his trademark overarching arrogance, King George will ignore them, you, and Congress and do whatever he wants.

A key part of the SPP is the "NAFTA superhighway", or "North American Super Corridor, or "Trans-Texas Corridor". The name keeps changing, perhaps because people don't know what to be opposed to if the label keeps shifting. But the result is the same. They want a way to get Chinese goods distributed while by-passing our ports and using foreign-national truck drivers.

Occasionally a federal official will say they are not involved in this project, and it is a partial truth because much of this is being done by extra-governmental organizations not accountable to the Constitution of the Republic or democratic oversight. But members of the legally constituted governments of the people keep trying to insert themselves in this process- in order to thwart it. For example, the Texas state legislature passed a two-year moratorium on the construction of toll roads in the state in an effort to block NASC. The "uninvolved" feds threatened to withhold Texas's federal highway money if the moratorium stood. Governor Rick "Good Hair" Perry stood strong with the international elites against the citizens of his state by vetoing the moratorium. Unlike his recent plan to vaccinate every 10 year old girl in Texas public schools for venereal disease, this one may stick.

The people pushing this thing want our economy's joined at the hip with these other countries, and that can't be done unless a lot of our laws are "harmonized". And how do you do that if the people of each country want different laws? You can't, so the will of the people must be excluded from the arrangement. Mexico is corrupt. Communist China is busy poisoning its own country right now. Their sham economy is going to collapse in the next twenty years, and unless we start de-linking now ours is going down with it.


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