Thursday, August 23, 2007

Illegals Leaving Oklahoma En Mass

An estimated 25,000 illegal aliens, 30% of the total, are leaving Oklahoma in advance of a new state law taking effect. HB 1804 requires businesses to check the immigration status of their new hires and the work eligibility of independent contractors. Oklahoma's state agencies will have to follow the same rules for checking new hires' work eligibility and immigration status effective Nov. 1. The new law also allows a U.S. citizen who has been fired to pursue a discrimination claim against the employer if an illegal alien is employed to do the same job.

The law has yet to take effect and many of them are "self-deporting". If it was national policy, I guess we would not have to deport 12 million people after all. Unfortunately, it is only Oklahoma state policy and many of those illegals are "self-deporting" to Arkansas and Kansas! We need a similar law here or we will get a new flood.

Oklahoma business interests are whining and moaning about no longer being able to cheat American Citizens out of a fair market wage by taping a flood of slave labor. The media coverage is completely slanted in favor of the big business folks who buy advertising from the media. It really is heavy handed, but the statesmen in Oklahoma are not buying it- they are listening to the voters.

Will Arkansas politicians do the same? A few, like Jon Woods of Springdale, are. But Gov. Beebe continues to insist that this "is a federal issue" despite what is going on right next door in Oklahoma. There are some poultry interests that are getting their money's worth from that guy!


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