Saturday, August 11, 2007

Iowa Straw Poll Results and What They Mean

There were apparent malfunctions with the controversial Diebold voting machines, which delayed the results over an hour as they were forced to fall back on a paper hand count.

1. Gov Mitt Romney 4516 votes 31%.- STOCK UP SOMEWHAT. He did what he had to do, and got a percentage of the vote comparable to Bush in 99.

2. Gov. Mike Huckabee 2587 votes 18.1%- STOCK WAY UP. He beat Brownback using fewer chips. He is still broke, but if Brownback is forced from the race Huckabee will benefit the most.

3. Sen. Sam Brownback 2192 votes 15.3%- STOCK DOWN- his third place finish would have been good if the man in 2nd wasn't Mike Huckabee. Iowa is a neighbor to his home state of Kansas. Brownback made a tremendous effort in this state and came up short.

4. Tom Tancredo 1961 votes 13.7% - STOCK UP SOMEWHAT. Tancredo was the victim of a hoax in which an email was sent to 500 of his supporters falsely telling them that their bus rides had been canceled at the last minute. One wonders if he could not have pushed Brownback for 3rd otherwise. His message is getting some traction.

5. Ron Paul 1305 votes 9.1%- STOCK UNCHANGED. Paul came late to the party. He only spent a week in Iowa and bought far less tickets than the other campaigns. His wife spent the day in the hospital with heart trouble. His supporters are passionate and he has some cash on hand, so he did not need a top three finish, but it would have been nice.

6. Tommy Thompson 1,009 votes 7.3%- STOCK TAKEN OFF MARKET. Will leave the race.

7. Fred Thomson 231 votes- STOCK DOWN. I know he said he wasn't trying, but this was still a very weak showing. Guys who the media mentions 100,000 times as often as Ron Paul or Tom Tancredo should not lose to them this badly.

8. Rudy Giuliani 183 votes- SEE ABOVE

9. Duncan Hunter 174 votes. STOCK WAY DOWN. He may leave the race. Tancredo is the "strong against illegal immigration" tough-guy candidate that is gaining traction.

10. John McCain 101 votes- STOCK WAY DOWN. Media Creation rather than a true top-tier candidate.



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