Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thirty Pieces of Silver ("Benefits" of Illegal Aliens)

The Morning News had an article on the costs and benefits of illegal aliens on our state economy. The source was a Rockefeller Foundation study. Since they give money to the pro-illegal groups that marched in our streets on several occasions I think it is safe to assume that any bias in the report will be in favor of the "contribution" that criminals from other countries "make to our economy". Even then, the numbers only highlight to me that our elected officials should cease their traitorous selling out to corporate interests in favor of serving their constituents, upholding the law, and honoring their oaths of office. And if you think I am upset about it, I assure you that there are many far angrier than I. It is time for the politicians to be less afraid of the nasty editorials from the gated-community liberals at the Dem-Gaz and more afraid of the aroused citizenry.

As for me, I am a passionate man, but an old black pentecostal preacher once said from the pulpit that emotions make a good caboose, but a bad engine. He was right then and now. I will let facts and reason pull my heart along. Let's look at the numbers from the study:

Here is the key line from the report. This is driving businesses in Arkansas to flood us with alien invaders;"Illegal immigrants make possible $1.4 billion in production annually for state manufacturers and other companies, which pay them $95 million less than they would legal citizens, the study found."

Ninety five million dollars a year in cost savings to them. That is what is driving them to sell the rest of us out. And what does that $95 million in cost savings to them cost the rest of us?

Well, the PC foundation is like the rest of the corporate media who can't seem to separate immigration into a legal and an illegal component. The most it could do was say "Immigrants, both legal and illegal, cost the state about $170 million a year,". We all know that the majority of that cost is for illegal "immigrants". If I cared to I could show yo u how even that number is low. But let's accept it for the sake of moving forward.

Still, that figure does not take into account all the costs. If an illegal alien gets drunk and runs over and kills a small girl, as happened in Springdale this year, or another is involved in gunning a driver down in the road as happened in Rogers this year, only "court and incarceration" costs are figured into the number. Is that the true total cost? Tell it to the families!

The figures for schools does not include other monetary and non-monetary costs. There are school buildings that would not have to be built if not for the influx. As a former educator, I can tell you that if you fill a room up with students who have special education needs and cultural and language barriers to learning, that it has a negative effect on the total learning environment of all children in the classroom.

But we have not finished counting the monetary price yet. The bad-faith employers may have grabbed an extra $95 million in profits by cheating while mostly shifting the extra $170 million in costs onto the backs of the rest of us, but even that does not fully expose the folly of their greed. If they had hired local people then those local people would tend to spend the money locally. It would go back into our local economy and keep circulating. Instead, we have aliens who live ten to a house and send every extra dime out of the country. It is sucking our local businesses dry. I guess if you hire illegals to process chickens to send to Russia, what it does to the local economy does not matter to you. But it matters to the rest of us.


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