Friday, December 14, 2007

How to Win a Tax Election

I talked to a friend in Little Rock about the near-secret tax election for Little Rock Libraries that passed this month. It is a textbook case of how to win a tax election for a narrow special interest.....

*First, have it in December when the average voter is paying the least attention.

*With the help of a complicit establishment media, downplay the election so that most of the general public is not even aware there is one coming until the week before (too late for any opposition to get organized).

*At that point, use taxpayer dollars to print up notices to hang in the taxpayer funded facilities urging the patrons to vote for the tax (since they are the minority that use the service, they will be more inclined to do so).

*Meanwhile, your complicit buddies in the media come out the last week and give completely one-sided "reports" that are de-facto campaign ads for the tax increase.

*As per SOP, hide behind "The Children"

*Last but not least, mysteriously insure that the residents of retirement homes turnout in massive numbers to absentee vote in this election, and that in an amazing show of unity of thought, that they vote 100% in favor of your proposal.

And that is how you pass a special interest tax increase in Little Rock Arkansas.


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