Sunday, December 30, 2007

There He (Huckabee) Goes Again

Mike Huckabee is an expert at (metaphorically) grabbing a guy by the nose and twisting hard. When the guy starts hollering and cussing at Huck for the assault, it draws a crowd of media. The Huckster then assumes a saintly pose and wonders aloud at why the other fellow is being so negative and angry. The average voter watches the Huckster's gentle response and goes, "Yeah, why can't they be more like that nice guy!".

It takes brazen nerve and overweening hypocrisy to pull off the Huckster's act. The same kind of nerve that Bill Clinton has when he makes some of his outrageous claims. Clinton made people angry that same way, and also knew how to paint himself as the aw-shucks victim when people responded with fury to his over-the-top claims and behavior. Funny thing is, some of the same folks in Arkansas who could not stand it when Bill Clinton did it to them are all for the Huckster as they watch him do it to other people. We are emotional rather than rational creatures, but as an old black pentecostal preacher I once knew said, "emotions make a good caboose but a bad engine".

Here is a quote from Huckabee “You are not going to find moments on YouTube of me saying something different about the sanctity of life today than I said ten years ago, ten minutes ago, or fifty years ago,” Mr. Huckabee said, referring to footage of Mr. Romney declaring his support for abortion rights—a position he later changed. “You are not going to find something in YouTube where I said something completely different about gun ownership and the second amendment than I did last week, ten weeks ago, ten years go.”

“You are not going to hear me making up stuff about my biography. I don’t go around saying I was lifelong golfer because I once rode in a golf cart when I was eight years old,” Mr. Huckabee said.

Well, we have already found him making up stuff about his biography, because he claimed he was "the only candidate with a theology degree" when in fact he was a communications major with an emphasis on religion. And while he has been fairly steady on abortion and gun control (stands which cost him ZERO political capital in Arkansas - in fact he could never have won office without them) I can find him saying vastly different things on illegal immigration than he was saying even two years ago, some of which are documented here.

Only the Clinton-Huckabee personality type can get away with saying (and believing their own baloney) things like “If a person is dishonest in his approach to get the job, do you believe he will be honest in telling you the truth when he does gets the job?,” as a slam on Mitt Romney. But Mike Huckabee repeatedly misrepresented the College for Illegal Aliens bill as being only for "merit scholarships" even after it was known that the actual bill called for in-state tuition breaks regardless of merit. He spoke of children who had been in U.S. schools since five or six when the actual bill was for any illegal who had evaded the law for three years and graduated from an Arkansas High School.

Only the Clinton-Huckabee personality type can run as a "local control of schools" candidate (which I heard him campaign on with my own ears) and then use the court ruling to enact a process that leads to the total loss of dozens of local schools and the increasingly centralized control of all of the rest. And not only can they act diametrically opposed to what they said they were when running, but they get highly indignant and offended when you call them on it. In their minds, you are the one with the nerve for reminding them of what they said and comparing it to what they did. They are never the ones with nerve for misrepresenting themselves, why they would never do that, they have a theology degree!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, there he goes again- downward! He's dropping in the polls, because he's such a buffoon!

12:50 PM, December 30, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's really sad the way Christians can't see how they're risking what little remains of their credibility, when they support an ego- driven liar like this.

1:18 PM, December 30, 2007  
Blogger Big Red said...

Now we need to be very careful when chastising Gov. Huckabee, remember, Chuck Norris has endorsed him and you know what that means to stand against him.

Chuck Norris blew up the Challenger space shuttle. When asked why he said, "I've never left a challenger alive."

11:25 AM, December 31, 2007  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

I am afraid he will kill me with one of his beard hairs for this story.

2:40 PM, December 31, 2007  

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