Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bush "Stimulus Plan"

I cannot say whether or not President Bush and the Federal Reserve Board are deliberately trying to destroy the dollar, I can only assure you that if that was their intent then they would be doing exactly what they are doing. Of course former President Vicente Fox admitted on Larry King Live that the "long long range goal" of the elites is to form an "American Union" similar to the EU with a common currency.

You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to believe that, you just have to be willing to accept it when some of the people doing this admit it. Too many are NOT willing to accept it even when directly told so by some of the participants because such knowledge brings with it a responsibility to act. The default position is denial, and it takes great strength of character to overcome it. Even Adolf Hitler outlined exactly what he meant to do in Mien Kampf. His victims simply refused to believe it until the bombs were falling.

The dollar is already losing value quickly. It is losing value in relation to other fiat currencies, but all currencies are losing value compared to real things like oil, copper, lumber, and food. This is called inflation. When the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates, as it just has, it means that money costs less to borrow- that is to say it is easier to get some. Unfortunately, making money easier to get does nothing to make gasoline, food, gold etcetera easier to get. Therefore, by the law of supply and demand the price of all of these things will increase as measured in dollars.

President Bush is less subtle. He just wants to send everybody free money from the Federal government like some kind of power-crazed Matthew Lesko. His "tax rebate" plan would go to all filers- even those who did not pay taxes. Even, until the Senate fixed it, illegal aliens who file a return with a bogus social security number on it. Since the money is given even when it is in excess of actual taxes paid, his so-called "tax-cut" is nothing more than welfare without the moral integrity to call it such.

As with the Federal Reserves' attempts to hand out easy money, the net result will not make anyone better off. It will merely act to further destroy the dollar. The dollar that is in your paychecks, in your 401k, and in your checking account. To illustrate how, consider if El Presidente sent every household one million dollars instead of just $600. Are we all rich? No, we will not be all rich, but the dollar will be destroyed. As soon as the money shows up in our mailboxes we rush down to the car lot to buy ourselves a Beemer. There are 1,000 other folks there as well lined up to buy one of the 50 cars on the lot with their newfound riches. The lot owner quickly jacks his prices way up until those 50 willing to pay the most get the 50 cars and the rest go home empty-handed.

And the same thing happens everywhere, with clothes, restaurants, gun shops, stock markets, all over. The "free" money in the system jacks up prices. Too bad your savings and earnings don't multiply as much as the dollar goes down. All that results from inflation is that the currency is destroyed and people think they have more money "value" than they really do. Because of this, they mis-allocate resources. Mis-allocation of resources can destroy an economy. The car dealer may order another 100 Beamers- and then go broke once it sinks in that people still can't afford them, they only thought they could. Whenever the government issues more currency that is not proportional to an increase of production in the economy, then the value of the currency goes down. This is what Bush is doing. Its going to destroy the dollar, and open the door for the Amero or whatever currency they want to come after it.

So will I tear up my check? I can't afford to any more than you can. I am going to be harmed by the inflation caused by all the dollar-dumping, so acting unilaterally is a loser. I guess I will pay down debt or buy ammo. What will you do with your?


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