Monday, January 28, 2008

Colorado Dumps Touch Screen/Paper Is Back

According to CNN Lou Dobbs on January 24, 08, "Colorado legislators today agreed to dump touch screen voting and go back to paper for the election." Some say this decision will probably have far reaching influence on other states.

In the newscast Governor Bill Ritter (D) of Colorado was quoted as saying, "It ensures a paper trail. It minimizes the possibility of technology failures that have caused Election Day problems in the past in Colorado."

John Bonifaz of had this to say on the Lou Dobbs' program, "It's time to investigate these companies that have been marketing a defective product across the United States, to hold them accountable for doing that and . . . recoup millions of dollars of taxpayer money spent on this defective product.

It was noted on the program that "Florida will use paperless voting in its upcoming January 29th primary. Five other states, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, New Jersey and Tennessee will either use all paperless or mostly paperless touch screen voting on Super Tuesday February 5th."

Dobbs closed this section with this quote: "And very responsible [the decision Colorado made.] The reality is, because no one thinks — we’re focusing on this, the issue is that these machines are not reliable to the degree they should be and with a paper trail, verified paper system. There is — at least you’re protecting the integrity of the system so you have a recount. People must understand, you can’t have a recount without that."

Transcript of Lou Dobbs program can be found at this link:
See following link for a number of stories on electronic voting and the need for a paper trail:
See following link for a video on You Tube. Video is titled "Proof of voter fraud in the USA - from the horse's mouth"
See following link for an interview with computer programmer who says, "Once you know the steps, a 10-year-old can rig an election."
See following link for an article that describes a plan that he thinks would be the perfect answer to this issue on voter fraud.


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