Friday, January 11, 2008

HUMAN EVENTS Endorses Fred Thompson

HUMAN EVENTS, who according to their website is known for their "conservative news, views, books" and who is "leading the Conservative Movement (since 1944)" has just endorsed Fred Thompson. According to journalist Richard Reeves, Human Events was former President Ronald Reagan's favorite paper.

Yesterday Hannity interviewed Fred Thompson on his radio program and mentioned an important endorsement he was supposed to get today, but Thompson refused to reveal who the endorsement was from before the official announcement. See this link for the endorsement.

The endorsement by Human Events had this to say about Mike Huckabee,

"Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is a charming and agreeable gentleman. But his support for the economically disastrous “cap-and-trade” fix for global warming is as bad as Sen. McCain’s position on the issue. The so-called “fair tax” he supports is unworkable. His tax-and-spend policies do not comport with conservative principles, but they do align all too well with Huckabee’s populist rhetoric on the injustice of corporate CEO salaries.

His stance on granting special benefits to the children of illegal aliens is also very troubling. On the war, Gov. Huckabee’s understanding of the issues does not impress us. For example, he wants to close the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and move the detainees there into U.S. prisons, which -- as Sen. Thompson schooled him on in a recent debate -- would result in the grant of constitutional rights to terrorist detainees even though they are enemy combatants. Gov. Huckabee’s grasp of foreign policy does not make us comfortable."

Rush Limbaugh spoke very favorably of Thompson on his radio program today and played several clips from the debate last night. There seems to be a concensus of the conservative talk show hosts that the media is trying to force a race between McCain and Huckabee and at every chance are saying that Thompson waited too late to get in the race and can't make it. Hannity said on his radio program today that he thinks Huckabee and McCain are the two most liberal Republican candidates.

I have not made any commitment to any Republican presidential candidate; however, most of us know that almost any Republican the media opposes is a friend to the real conservative, and those they like are not.


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