Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Moore to Speak at UCA for Paul

For Immediate Release:
Ron Paul Spokesman, Policy “Guru”, to Appear at UCA Thursday

(Conway) The UCA College Republicans are kicking off the presidential election year by hosting a representative of the Ron Paul presidential campaign.

The representative, Mark Moore, the man former State Senator Jim Holt once called “The best policy guy in the country,” is coming to Conway this Thursday, Jan. 17th, at 6:00 pm in BBA 205 to speak for Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

Paul is running as a Republican, but many of his positions have run counter to the Bush administration’s polices and draws support from anti-war Democrats as well as independents. Paul believes that the United States should withdraw from Iraq immediately and bring home American troops from most of the 700 military bases that are scattered in over 100 countries around the world. Paul maintains that we would be better off focusing on securing our own borders and reducing government spending.

“2008 will be a historic year with fierce competition for the White House,” says Whitfield Hyman, President of the UCA College Republicans. “With Ron Paul’s candidacy in stark contrast with most of the other presidential candidates, we’re hoping that young people, particularly college students, will be interested in asking questions and getting involved in a presidential campaign.”

Questions will be taken from the audience during this event. There is no admission fee, and free pizza and soft drinks will be provided.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't think mucha yourself do ya?

1:23 PM, January 16, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It ain't braggin' if it's true (actually, I never really believed that saying).

1:35 PM, January 16, 2008  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Well, technically this press release is from the UCA College Republicans. If it had been mine I would of course have expended at least 10 more paragraphs talking about how great I am.

3:19 PM, January 16, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why do all your "friends" over at the Republican Assemblies believe that Fred Thompson is conservative?

Conservatives who look to Thompson for salvation need to pause and consider his record—a record that includes these votes:

♦ FOR restricting the rights of grassroots organizations to communicate with the public. See ACU’s vote 3, 1998.

♦ FOR allowing the IRS to require political and policy organizations to disclose their membership—a vote against the constitutional rights of free association and privacy. (The Clinton Administration used such IRS intimidation against conservative groups that opposed them.) See ACU’s vote 11, 2000.

♦ AGAINST impeachment proceedings against President Clinton, specifically the reappointment and reauthorization of managers (drawn from the Republican membership of the House Judiciary Committee) to conduct the impeachment trial in the Senate. See ACU’s vote 1, 1999.

♦ AGAINST an accelerated elimination of the “marriage penalty.” See ACU’s vote 10, 2001.

♦ FOR handouts to politicians, specifically taxpayer funding of presidential campaigns. See ACU’s vote 6, 1995.

♦ FOR handouts to politicians, specifically congressional perks such as postage and broadcast time funded by taxpayers. See ACU’s vote 13, 1996.

♦ AGAINST restraints on federal spending, specifically the Phil Gramm (R-TX) amendment to limit non-defense discretionary spending to the fiscal 1997 levels requested by President Clinton. See ACU’s vote 6, 1997.

♦ FOR affirmative action in federal contracts. See ACU’s vote 9, 1995.

♦ FOR the Legal Services Corporation, the perennial liberal boondoggle that provides political activism disguised as “legal services” to Democratic constituencies. See ACU’s vote 16, 1995, and vote 17, 1999.

♦ FOR an increase in the minimum wage, which, of course, increases unemployment among the young and poor. See ACU’s vote 16, 1996.

♦ FOR President Clinton’s nomination of Dr. David Satcher as U.S. Surgeon General. Among other things, Satcher opposed a full ban on partial-birth abortion. See ACU’s vote 1, 1998.

♦ FOR open-ended military commitments, specifically in regard to U.S. troops in Kosovo. See ACU’s vote 8, 2000.

♦ FOR corporate welfare, specifically the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). See ACU’s vote 23. 1999.

♦ AGAINST worker and shareholder rights, specifically the Hatch (R-UT) amendment to require unions and corporations to obtain permission from dues-paying members or shareholders before spending money on political activities. See ACU’s votes 4 and 5, 2001.

♦ AGAINST property rights and FOR unlimited presidential power, specifically by allowing President Clinton to implement the American Heritage Rivers Initiative, which he established by executive order, without congressional approval. See ACU’s vote 20, 1997.

♦ FOR restricting the First Amendment (free speech) rights of independent groups. See ACU’s vote 23, 1997.

♦ FOR the trial lawyers lobby, and specifically against a bill that would put common-sense limitations on the medical malpractice suits that increase health costs for all of us. (Of course! He’s been a trial lawyer himself for some three decades.) See ACU’s vote 18, 2002.

And, last but not least:

♦ FOR limitations on campaign freedom of speech, by limiting contributions to national political parties to $2,000 and limiting the rights of individuals and groups to participate in the political process in the two months before elections. See ACU’s vote 7, 2002.

5:46 PM, January 16, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. I don't trust him any more than I do Huck or Romney.

10:22 PM, January 16, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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