Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nationbuilding: Ron Paul, Bush & Cheney


The sound is uneven on this montage, but it is so powerful that it is worth listening to. Ron Paul agreed with G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney - it is just that they reversed themselves on policy and he didn't.

"9/11 changed everything" some might say, but did it change foolishness into wisdom, aggression into self-defense, and wrong into right? Iraq was not a party to 9/11, and the doctrine of pre-emptive war is madness. No one has the right to attack anyone that they think has the means and desire to attack them. Absent any specific evidence of a coming attack, a person who maintained that they had the right to pre-emptively attack anyone they felt was a threat would be declared mentally insane.

I beg my countrymen to re-evaluate our foreign policy and consider that Ron Paul (and the founders, and Bush and Cheney prior to their election) are correct, and that our current course of action is a dreadful mistake.


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