Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rod Bryan Endorses Ron Paul for President

(Little Rock) Rod Bryan ran for Governor as an independent in Arkansas in 2006, garnering over 16,000 votes, mostly from younger voters in central Arkansas. This in a state in which the entire Republican primary voter turnout was only 55,000 votes. The people that voted from Bryan in '06 did not do it because they thought he was going to win, but rather because the believed in his message. Today Bryan endorsed Ron Paul for President at a press conference at the Blvd. Bread Company near the River Market.

"After I ran for Governor I stayed out of politics for a year and spent the time on my family" Bryan said, "But Ron Paul's message kept coming up and the more I looked into it, the more sense it made." Calling Paul the "only thinking person's candidate" Bryan expressed concerns about what the future holds for his small children if "corporate influence" continues to buy elections, determine media coverage, and shape policy.

Bryan took questions on several topics, including the role of the internet and its resistance to big-money takeover. "I think when the big corporations saw what TV could do in terms of shaping the country, they bought it. The internet is changing so fast that it is hard for them to do that. No one knows where the technology will drive it, they buy it up over here but then it advances over there. The people with the money have not figured out how to control it yet."

As an editorial aside, it is true that almost all mass-media outlets in this country are controlled by six giant corporations. Giant corporations have discovered there is less profit in marketing products to consumers than there is in lobbying government to force the citizens to buy their products and services through taxes. Because of this, big corporations, including the ones that control most non-internet means of mass communication, now come down strongly on the side of big government that forces citizens to consume what they sell. Any candidate who threatens these "profits through government compulsion" is going to be ignored if possible, and ridiculed and savaged if they are not.


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