Saturday, January 19, 2008

That's Going to Leave a Mark Governor.

Former State Senator Jim Holt got some space in the NWA Times. He used it to launch a scathing attack on Mike Huckabee. It is a safe bet that the conservative Republican vote in Arkansas will not be coalescing around the Huckster.


Anonymous Rick said...


Do you think the Huckster will be in the race on Super Tuesday? If he can't win in S.C. I don't see him winning anywhere other than Arkansas, Alabama and Georgia. Its time for Huck to call it quits. Your thoughts?

6:08 PM, January 19, 2008  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Rick he is gonna stay in there. I am 100% convinced. Look at it strategically....

1) He and Thompson are playing chicken for some of the same votes. Whichever one drops out, the other is likely to get a big boost (except here).

2) We may have a brokered convention. He does not have to get a majority of delegates, just enough to horse trade with for a VP slot.

3) McCain has been courting the power brokers in S.C. for years ever since they derailed him. His win over Huck represents years of careful groundwork that he has not done in any other southern state.

6:38 PM, January 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty much everyone I talked to at church agreed. That had to be the most classless thing Mr. Holt has ever done. He caused far more damage to himself than to Mr. Huckabee.

8:42 AM, January 21, 2008  

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