Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Numbers USA Rates Candidates on Immigration

Americans for Better Immigration is perhaps the premier organization in this country in the fight against to protect the United States from Illegal aliens. They also favor a reduction in legal immigration until we can get the total immigration situation under control. They asked Numbers USA's Roy Beck, also a leader in the movement, to rate the Presidential candidates on immigration criteria.

There are five candidates who are likely to be on the Arkansas ballot for President in November, Republican John McCain, Democrat Barak Obama, Green Ralph Nader, Constitutionalist Chuck Baldwin, and Libertarian Bob Barr. A chart rating the five candidates can be found here.

The two major candidates scored "abysmal" on a number of categories. Green Party candidate Ralph Nader, who would be labeled a "kook" by many conservative Arkansans, actually has positions on immigration issues that would line up closer to most of their positions than Republican John McCain! Nader scores low though, compared to both Libertarian Bob Barr and Constitution Party Candidate Chuck Baldwin.

Baldwin is such a border and immigration hawk that he is even to the right of me. Some of the measures he supports seem like an expansion of federal power, and I am more afraid of a bigger more powerful federal government than I am of illegal aliens. For whatever it is worth, I line up with Bob Barr on most of the immigration issues more than Baldwin, but Barr's position on amnesty is a huge red flag. I'd like to know more about it because based on the rest of the results it seems incongruous.

Obama and McCain? Traitors. Their views on illegal immigration alone disqualify them for anyone who cares about protecting the country from the illegal invasion.


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