Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guiliani To Give Keynote Address at Republican Convention

Pro-abortion, Pro-gun control, Pro-globalist, Pro-adultery, Pro-cross dressing former NY Mayor Rudolf Giuliani has been chosen by the GOP establishment to give the keynote address at the Republican convention. It is unknown at this time whether he will choose to wear a suite, a dress, or nothing at all for his address to the assembled delegates.

According to MSNBC Rudy Giuliani will give the keynote address at the GOP convention. They report that joining him will be pro-abortion California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who recently refused to act to stop the state judiciary from imposing homosexual "marriage" in his state, was also given top billing, along with pro-abortion first lady Laura Bush.

While the report said that McCain's former GOP rivals for the nomination will also get a chance to speak, none were mentioned by name and it is unknown whether Congressman Ron Paul will be permitted a chance to talk the convention out of the mass political suicide that would entail from sticking to the GOP's current corpro-fascist course of unsustainable government growth and belligerent interventionism around the globe.

Wildly unpopular President George Bush and Vice President Cheney were also mentioned by name as having a speaking roll at the convention.

On hearing of the liberal line-up, one activist responded, "Conservatives don't appear to be welcome at this year's GOP festivities."

"That is why many of us have left the party" his fellow replied.


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