Friday, October 10, 2008

Ignored By Media, Obama Eligibility Suit Moves Forward

"We got him!" Democratic attorney Phillip Berg said of Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama. Berg has filed suit claiming Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be President because....

1) of testimony from Obama's Kenyan relatives that he was born in Kenya. Obama's mother was too young to have lived "five years in the United States over the age of 18", which was the legal requirement to confer natural-born American citizenship status on one's children born abroad at the time. The account of the relatives is that she tried to fly to Hawaii but that the airline refused to let a pregnant woman days from delivery board an international flight. That was supposed to be standard safety procedure at the time. His mother hopped aboard the first flight to Hawaii after the child was born, according to the relatives.

All Obama has to do to dispel such rumors is produce three documents to the court. The main one is a real birth certificate. The COLB that is being flashed around as Obama's "birth certificate" has some problems, well documented here and other places. That link takes you to the right-wing website that kept pushing on the John Edwards adultery case that the corporate media tried so hard to ignore. The site has declared Obama innocent of accusations that he snorted cocaine in the back of a limo, and at first accepted his claims about his birth certificate. New evidence has caused them to retract their earlier concession that Obama has proved he is eligible to be President.

2) Berg's claim is that Obama forfeited any U.S. citizenship he may have had when he moved to Indonesia as a child. Documents at the time show him as an Indonesian citizen, and Indonesia does not have a law permitting dual citizenship. You must renounce your prior citizenship, whatever it was. If that is the case, Obama would have had to re-apply for U.S. citizenship when he returned from Indonesia. Berg wants to see that document as well.

A ruling is expected on this any day. Obama's team has done everything that can to delay, end-run, and deny the court. Once Obama is sworn in as President, he can claim immunity from such lawsuits and ignore the issue. But why? If he is legit, why not just show the documents like thousands of Americans have to do each day?

PS- McCain also has eligibility problems and I continue to maintain, along with legal minds who dare to look at the situation closely, that McCain is also ineligible to serve as President.

Of course the rule of law only applies in a free Republic. We have become a lawless land where two cults of personality form every four years. The partisans of each group simply waive aside any legal concerns honest citizens might have about their media-manufactured champions. And since those two personality cults control access to public office, devotion to party is stronger than devotion to country for holders of "public" office.


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