Sunday, November 02, 2008

Convincing Case Obama Ineligible for President

Here is a link to seven short video clips from Philip Berg, the Democratic lawyer who has filed suit challenging Barack H. Obama's eligibility for President. The case he makes is compelling. Obama could refute the accusations in a flash if he really is eligible, so why hasn't he? Why the delays and dodges?

To say that this issue is explosive is an understatement. The corporate media has been absolutely derelict in their duties on this issue, as they have on so many others. I am afraid that if Berg is right Americans will lash out at each other- the only people we should lash out at is Obama himself for putting us in this predicament when he must know that he is ineligible and the corporate media for creating him.

Two years ago and a half years ago, no one ever heard of him. With the help of a billion dollars in free positive media coverage, he became an overnight sensation. Compare that to what happened with Palin. She gave a live speech at a convention on national television. In other words, they did not choose to give her that coverage, she just took advantage of an event they were already obligated to cover. Since that time, the corporate media has relentlessly torn her public image down. Then after a billion dollars in attack media has had its effect, they run polls that report the public is losing confidence in her qualifications for President! Bristol Palin has gotten more critical scrutiny from the corporate media than Barack Obama!

The corporate media has absolutely not done its job when it comes to vetting Barack Obama. Because of that, a frustrated Sarah Palin has attempted to bring attention to issues that the media should have been all over. Their response was to radiate indignation over her for "going negative". See how that works? If they are for you they will attack your opponent savagely on the slightest pretext while ignoring major scandals on your side. Then, when you do the job they should have done but won't, they savagely attack you again for "going negative".

How can any candidate that is not approved by the corporate media win? They can't, until most Americans wake up and fully and irrevocably realize that the global corporate media is internal enemy #1 in this country.


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