Saturday, December 06, 2008

Unborn Has Right to Privacy, But Not Life

My wife is due to give birth to our daughter any day now, perhaps today. I recently went down to our local hospital to pre-register for us. The attendant had me sign privacy forms which said that it was OK to share medical information with family members who were in the delivery room and things of that nature. The hospital had to get our legal permission to waive our "privacy rights" to our medical information.

I signed one as the representative of my wife, and then the attendant gave me a second set of forms. This one was for my as-yet-unborn daughter. She too had her privacy rights, and her representative could give or with-hold permission for the doctor to discuss medical information with unauthorized persons.

Under the madness that is Roe v. Wade and our current intrusive yet irrational supreme court polices this child is still a candidate for abortion. So there is no law against butchering her, just discussing her medical information to others without the express consent of her representative! Her privacy rights are protected, but her life is not!

This is the kind of law and reasoning that gets produced by a morally, intellectually, and fiscally bankrupt society that has turned its back on God. When will we repent, turn around, and conform our lives and culture to the truth rather than expecting truth to conform to our sin natures? Will it be after our false prosperity vanishes and we are left with ashes and dust? Will it be after there is nothing for our children to eat but the bitter fruit of our wickedness? I am afraid that those days draw near, yet we will still refuse to change our ways.


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