Saturday, January 10, 2009

Amusing Leftist Complaints About Ethics

The Arktimes is critical of legislators who say that we don't need ethics reform. They grouse that legislators get lobbied and then write bills favorable to a special interest, said special interest then gives them a job once their time in the ledge is through. AG Dustin McDaniel wants a one year cooling off period on such shennanigans. The legislators say such a period is not needed.

I am always amused when leftists find that their pro-abortion politicians are corrupt and unethical. What did they expect? WHY would you trust a pro-abortion politician? They are willing to trade away the rights of the most innocent and defenseless among us for political advantage. Why does the leftist expect such people to act against their own self-interest on ethics? Compared to taking that scalpel and slicing a child's head off in the womb, taking a job with a firm you were "willing to work with" as a legislator is a trivial matter.

Oh yeah, about the number of legislators who are "pro-life"- there are a lot less of them than you can count by claims of such. Pro-life is as pro-life does and they have done little to nothing. I don't say you can trust every politician who claims to be pro-life. For many of them it is simply a pleasant lie told to themselves and their constituents- the time to act on their pro-life "convictions" is NEVER. And you may not be able to trust even some of those who really are pro-life, because of their judgment on other issues. But if you have a lick of sense and one eye you have to KNOW that a politician who admits right up front that he or she is willing to trade away the rights of the most innocent and helpless among us for political advantage cannot be trusted to do the right thing at crunch time.

This is an example of a population that is ensnared in too much personal corruption in their own lives getting outraged when they see corruption in their elected officials. They need to be realistic. Their politicians lie to them because many if not most of the people in our popular culture want to be lied to and get extremely angry with people who attempt to tell them the truth. Those politicians would not be in office if they told those people the truth, that my corruption is simply a reflection of yours.


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