Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Immigration Bill Up

Is bill hb0093 to address the illegal immigration issue "radioactive"? At least one influential legislator thinks so. *******************************************

Here is a link to the bill by Representative Sample. It takes a bit to load as it is a large PDF file. The bill is up for debate in the house judiciary committee today. I read it. Its a good bill and ought to pass. It won't because the ones that would be in favor of it are the working class and middle class who are tired of seeing their wages eroded and their neighborhoods being turned into third world slums. The ones that will fight the bill tooth and nail are the servants of the moneyed interests. They want an infinite supply of unskilled labor to hold down the wages they pay people to work the capital they own. They like getting their lawns manicured for $35. Mexican peasants know how to genuflect and grovel before their "betters" in a way that the "uppity" American middle and working classes (used to freedom and equality) don't. Hence, the elites would like us replaced.

To help give you some idea of the stress sending millions of primarily young single males from a culture that does not understand that your 12 year old daughter is off limits can cause, KATV reports that they are short of Spanish-speaking translators for the state's sex offender program. I assure you that under a Moore administration, no such shortage of translators would ever occur. We may have to increase rope production however.

While our rulers expect you to respect all of the new laws they put on you, they want the laws that they disfavor to be ignored. That would include laws about immigration.

Keep Arkansas Legal
plans a rally at the capitol tomorrow.


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