Thursday, January 01, 2009

Most Loved Book of 2008: "Revolution, A Manifesto

[U]nder the predominance of interventionist ideas, a political
career is open only to men who identify themselves with the
interests of a pressure group. . . . Service to the short-run interests
of a pressure group is not conducive to the development of those
qualities which make a great statesman. Statesmanship is invariably long-run policy; pressure groups do not bother about the

1 Ludwig von Mises, Human Action, Scholar’s Edition (Auburn, Alabama: Mises Institute, 1998), p. 866.

Congressman Ron Paul is a statesmen in a town filled with political careerists. His book, Revolution, A Manifesto, has been named by Amazon as its most loved book of the year.

Congratulations to Dr. Paul, and a happy 2009 to all.


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