Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Head of EU Doubts Man-Made Global Warming

There has been a big brouhaha in the state recently about global warming. Some from the left, like Max Brantley and John Brummett, keep beating the propaganda drum with words to the effect that there is no real controversy, that the only credible opinion one can have on the issue is to agree that man-made global warming is real and is a serious threat to our well-being.

No sooner are such insinuations made than it turns out that the new head of the European Union, Vaclav Klaus, agrees with the doubters! Klaus is the President of the Czech Republic, and has rotated into the EU Presidency after the end of French President Sarkozy's term. The EU is a block of nations with a population of 350 million literate, civilized people- adjectives which could also be used to describe Klaus. If skepticism about global warming is such a crank view, how could the leader of such a significant block of the world's educated people strongly hold that opinion? Or how could any of the distinguished scientists who met at a recent doubters conference in Florida hold such views? Here is a 10 minute video segment from Glen Beck where he lists some details and interviews Klaus. Impressive.

Of course, the EU liberals don't like THIS KIND of "diversity" any more than ours do- they are in a frenzy about Klaus.

In a previous post, I not only listed some key evidence against global warming, but also show how the issue can actually undermine the parts of the environmental movement that we really do need to be vibrant and effective.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually went and watched the Glenn Beck clip you mentioned. I used to really like him but he is now constantly talking in ridiculous over generalizations and fear mongering insinuations. Only my own supposition but I have wondered if the whole anti Mormon thing that came down against his favorite candidate changed him, I just don't know. I have many friends that I love dearly that are Mormons and I'm a Democrat.
I hope he hasn't become what I would call a sensationalist just for ratings. That would be sad.
I personally check out the facts on things myself. I feel mixed about global warming but I know enough about definitions of words (it's called a dictionary) to not be mislead when people throw around the words socialism or facism or even progress. They should read the dictionary.
I love God dearly and I believe this country is great because we all are allowed to disagree and positive change does happen over time.
We certainly no longer have the skewed mentality we had in order to justify slavery and hopefully over time we also won't have the types that spout that Oly North was a hero for doing illegal things.
It's a very slippery slope. If you defend government's wrongs just because they jibe with your personal agenda.
If you say something, or repeat something, make sure you are not bearing false witness. And if it's only your opinion, include that fact. What comes out of your mouth is your OWN personal responsibility.
Quit being the wacky left or the wacky right. This country has big issues. Say a prayer and search out, know and speak the whole truth. is often a good place to start.

5:40 PM, June 30, 2009  

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