Friday, February 20, 2009

Legislators Get Tongue Lashing From Business For Voting Against Taxes

A Tongue Lashing: Not a pretty sight

Word has reached the Watch that Republican legislators were subjected to a tongue lashing from one of the state's business giants- in the poultry industry, for their failure to support the tobacco tax increase.

Once big business was a part of the "leave me alone" coalition with the middle class that helped restrain the growth of government. Now they have switched sides. They are the ones pushing the growth of government because they want to use government to tilt the playing field in their direction. Privatizing profits while socializing costs is one of the most used ways of doing that.

For example, a company might push for a tax increase for "education" that winds up off-loading what was formerly their training costs onto the taxpayers under the guise of "trade school" or even "higher education". Likewise, they want to offload their health care costs unto the backs of the taxpayers by pushing for tax increases to extend Medicaid into the upper middle class (in this case, up to 55 grand a year limit for a family of 4 when the median income is only 38 grand).

This was an example of big business pushing for a tax increase so that they could shift their health care costs unto the backs of the taxpayers. This fellow was reportedly very upset at the idea that these legislators voted against sticking some working class stiffs with the price tag for health care for this company's junior execs.

When one of the state's richest and most influential men starts berating you, you sit there and take it. All but one, who reportedly got up and gave the man as good as he got.


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