Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mayor Frank Gilbert Writes Every Legislator on HB1339

Gilbert is the Mayor of Tull, Arkansas in Grant County.


HB1339 is a bill that would bind Arkansas' presidential electors to vote for whoever won the popular vote nationwide regardless of who won in this state. A supporter of the bill gave every reason they could think of for the bill, and I gave my rebuttal to their arguments, on this thread. Here is the letter that the Mayor sent to each legislator.....

Dear Representative Abernathy:

I hope you will help defeat House Bill 1339. This back-door attempt to alter the way America elects its president is wrong on several levels.

First, any bill that has the stated goal of ignoring votes cast by a majority of Arkansans, under any circumstance, is unworthy of support. If most voters here cast their votes for a candidate, why should that selection be ignored in favor of voters in California, New York, or any other state? Absurd.

Second, those who are put off by the constitution’s process for electing a president and vice president should have the courage of their convictions and go through the process of amending the constitution. It has been done before and can be done again. Trying to subvert the constitution by state legislative action is not only dishonest, it is dangerous.

Finally, the compromise that led to the Electoral College at this country’s founding met a need that remains to this day. Small, largely rural states were worried about being overwhelmed in national elections by their more-populous neighbors. That concern is as valid today as it was in the 18th century. We have every right to use our position in the Electoral College to protect ourselves.

I certainly hope that you will be counted among those who will look out for Arkansas’ interests in this matter.


Mayor Frank Gilbert
8416 Dogwood
Tull, AR 72015

His press release on the matter, along with legislator responses, is on the jump, click TUESDAY below and scroll down.


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Released By: Arkansas Watch or contact Mayor Frank Gilbert 479 ///-//// 501 317-5087

Small Town Mayor Tired of Legislative Antics

“No person’s life or property is safe while the legislature is in session.” According to Mayor Frank Gilbert of the Town of Tull, the old saying needs an addition. “With House Bill 1339 on the floor, we have to add that no person’s VOTE is safe while the legislature is in Little Rock,” he said recently.

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Eddie Cooper of Melbourne and cosponsored by Monty Davenport of Yellville, Linda Tyler of Conway and Andrea Lea of Russellville.

The stated purpose of the legislation is to “…elect the President by nationwide popular vote.” Mayor Gilbert says he opposes both the goal of the bill and “The sneaky, backdoor way the legislators are going about it.”

Gilbert has written to every member of the legislature asking them to defeat the bill. So far he has received more than 20 responses. Most of them have agreed to oppose the legislation.

Most of the contacts have been by email. However, 12 members of the legislature don’t have email available. Those he sent a letter via the Post Office.

Gilbert cited HB1339’s provision that could completely ignore the vote of a majority of the state’s voters in a presidential election. He also suggested in his letter that since the current system is set out in the United States Constitution, anyone who wanted to change the way Presidents are elected should “…have the courage of their convictions” and go through the process of amending the Constitution, not try to subvert it “…by state legislative action.”

He also expressed his belief that the present system was designed, in part, to protect small states like Arkansas.

Mayor Gilbert concluded his letter to legislators by saying, “I certainly hope that you will be counted among those who will look out for Arkansas’ interests in this matter.” As of Monday morning Gilbert had received 21 responses. Twelve were opposed to HB1339. One was leaning against it and 8 were uncommitted.

5:51 PM, February 10, 2009  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Representative Fred Allen - uncommitted

Thanks for your comments.

Representative Duncan Baird – opposed


Thank you for your email. I voted against this bill in committee and plan on voting against it again when it reaches the floor of the house.


Representative Les Carnine - uncommitted


Representative Ann Clemmer - opposed

Mr. Gilbert--

I couldn't agree more. I testified before the committee against the bill. I will continue to work
for its defeat.

Rep. Ann Clemmer

Representative Dawn Creekmore - uncommitted

Thank you for your email. This same bill has come up before. I will ask about the constitutionality of the proposal and will listen to the debate.
Thanks again for your email,

Representative Robert Dale - opposed

I do not plan to vote for HB1339, Thanks for your email

Robert Dale

Representative John Edwards – opposed

I will vote against it. John
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Representative Jane English - opposed

Wow, did I goof!! I am voting against this bill. We definitely don't need California and New York deciding who will be the President.

Representative Ed Garner - opposed

Thank you for writing Mayor. I agree completely and you can count on me to work against it.

Ed Garner

Representative Keith Ingram - opposed

I agree. The Founding Fathers certainly knew what they were doing. KMI

Representative Johnny Hoyt - uncommitted

Thank you for contacting me. I appreciate your email. Due to the high
volume of email that I receive, it may take some time in responding to
you personally. If your original email did not include your full name,
address, and phone number, please reply with that information. I do
place a priority on constituent correspondence.

Rep. Johnny Hoyt

Representative Barry Hyde - opposed

I oppose this bill.

Sent from my iPhone

Representative Allen Kerr - opposed

I agree, I will vote against this bill.
Allen Kerr

Representative Mark Martin - opposed

I am against HB 1339. I will vote against it.


Mark Martin

Representative Barbara Nix – leaning against

Thank you for your email Mayor Gilbert. I have some questions to ask the sponsor but will more than likely vote no on this one.

Representative Roy Ragland - opposed

Mayor Gilbert, I assure I will vote against this. RR

Senator Shane Broadway - opposed

Thanks Mayor, I agree with you.

Senator John Paul Capps - uncommitted

Senator Capps can be reached by regular mail at 'Arkansas State Senate,
Room 320, 500 Woodlane Street, Little Rock, AR 72201 or by calling

Senator Terry Smith - uncommitted

Thank you for contacting me. Please be assured your e-mail comments
will be reviewed. I always appreciate input from my constituents.
Senator Smith

Senator Larry Teague - uncommitted

The bill is on the House end, surely it won't make it to the Senate. Have a good day.
Larry Teague

Senator Sharon Trusty – uncommitted

Thank you for contacting me, I appreciate your e-mail. Due to the high
volume of e-mail that I receive, it may take some time in responding to
you personally. If your original e-mail did not include your full name,
address and phone number, please reply with that information. I do place
a priority on constituent correspondence.

Thank you.

5:52 PM, February 10, 2009  
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