Sunday, March 08, 2009

Liberal NPR News Analyst Says Left More Vicious Than Conservatives

Everytime the conservatives put out the truth, liberals accuse them of being liars, narrow minded, hateful, biased, prejudiced, race mongering, and the lists goes on and on. Liberals' language itself reflects their attitudes, but they seem to be so blind that they cannot see how hate-filled their language really is. Just read some of their comments on this blog, the most recent one on ERA.

However, "Recently African American liberal political analyst for NPR and journalist Juan Williams admitted that he has found liberals to be more closely knit and close minded than conservatives. He came to that conclusion after receiving an inordinate amount of hate mail from, of all people, liberals. The hate mail was prompted by Juan Williams' disagreement with liberal policy in one area. For that, liberals blasted him and he stated that he was more maligned and attacked by liberals, whose side he is on, than he ever was by conservatives."

See this link for the article that includes the above quote written by a homosexual who agrees wholehearted with Juan on this issue. Following is a quote from the homosexual. "This episode revealed that, as Juan Williams pointed out, liberals are horrible at handling differences of opinion and that if one strays from liberal orthodoxy, liberals go haywire and become much more hateful than do conservatives."

See this link for a you tube video of Williams exact comments written above:


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