Saturday, April 11, 2009

Media May Not Be Getting It On Tea Parties

The Tea Party protests that are springing up around the country seem to be a mystery to the mainstream press. I read a report yesterday that noted only two congressmen were known to be linked to an event, as if the rest were steering clear because of fear of "fringe elements". I guess........ If taxpayers are considered "fringe elements". Maybe they meant ACORN, who are tax users who have vowed to crash some of the parties.

The most obvious explanation for the lack of Congressmen at the tea parties is that the whole point of the event is to protest what a bunch of corrupt gasbags they are. If you were in Congress would you want to show up at an event where they scour you for voting to give away two trillion dollars to high-roller bankers in a bill that you did not even read? How is a patriotic person supposed to respond to such actions? Are we to do nothing?


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