Friday, April 10, 2009

Nothing to See Here, Please Move Along.

Reality may have intruded into the public image of a mutual admiration society between the Governor and the Legislature. Could Republican Representative Davy Carter of Cabot actually have said "“We raised taxes; $100 million right in the midst of a deep recession. “We’ve made it so your 17-year-old neighbor, who may be the most responsible kid in the world, can’t go pick up your two 12-year-olds from soccer practice and bring them home because, God forbid, we may adhere to the theory of personal responsibility any more,” Carter said." among other reality-based intrusions unto the media love-fest?

House Majority Leader Steve Harrelson does not believe it. He gives us a post in which he declares that the Cabot Herald Star Report must have been inaccurate, and that he can't see Rep. Carter saying such things about the session or the Governor!

So there is nothing to see here people. Please move along and do not think that any legislator is displeased with the splendor that is Mike Beebe and the last session of the legislature.

I know for sure that not everything in the Cabot Herald article is true anyway. It has current GOP Chairman Doyle Webb beating the drums for the pro-life cause. Doyle is a pleasant man, but I don't remember his Senate Career being a beacon of hope for protecting the unborn. And of course he was chief of staff for the most prominent pro-abortion face in the Arkansas Republican Party, Win Rockefeller.

This may be an example of the Lincoln card check syndrome. That is, establishment Republicans dust the pro-life issue off and use it when they are out of power and can't do anything about it anyway, then when they get in power and have a chance to do something about it they lose their fervor for the first duty of government (protecting innocent life) and go straight to concentrating their effort handing out bailout money to their buddies.


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