Monday, April 06, 2009

Puncturing the Illusion of Choice- Lincoln Reverses on Card Check

Senator Blanche Lincoln always told the unions that she was in favor of union-friendly card check legislation. She even co-sponsored a bill for it a few years back. That was when it had no chance of passing. Now that it does, she has come out against it. "While I may not have been clear about my position in the past, I am stating today that I cannot support Employee Free Choice Act in its current form ", she said.

Well, you were clear in the past Senator. You clearly claimed to support it when it did not matter. What is unclear is how the "current form" that you cannot support differs materially from the form you co-sponsored! Not that the legislation was ever a good idea mind you.

This betrayal may not even hurt Lincoln at the ballot box, because the legislation would be opposed by Republicans too. Too help readers understand the differences between national Democratic politicians and national Republican ones, I offer this handy summary: Republicans are the ones who say they are for big business interests and back it up. Democrats are the ones who say they are for the working man but are actually also for big business interests. So that is your "choice" on fiscal issues America. On social issues, the Democrats are the ones who say they are for abortion, homosexuality, and other forms of immoral behavior and back it up. The Republicans are the ones who say they are for life and family values, but are actually also for the forces of cultural decadence. Good luck America, "choosing" the right candidate from among our current two dominant private clubs called political parties.

I consider most of Congress to be bought and paid for by the special interests who write the big checks in this business. I consider the reason that immoral people, tax cheats, marriage cheats, influence peddlers and the like, make it with such regularity to high levels in our current system is that the current system prefers people with devastating moral defects. It is easier to get the required cooperation from people that you "have the goods on". I don't know what they have on Lincoln, but her about-face going into an election year is hard to explain on the surface.


Anonymous Todd said...

Let's not be fooled by Senator Lincoln's statement. She said that she can't support it in it's current form.

It's important to realize that this legislation is dead in committee. Which means she has nothing to actually cast a vote on. So she is merely making statements that she will not have to be backed up with a vote.

When and if this comes out of committee, we will she where she stands and chances are her defense for supporting it will be that labor and business compromised and made some changes. But that of course will not be true - eliminating the secret ballot is this bills objective and that will still be in it.

If or when it comes to a vote Senator Lincoln will check with party leaders and cast her vote accordingly and what Arkansas voters want or support will receive little consideration.

8:10 AM, April 07, 2009  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Whoa, are you predicting another flip-flop? I would get dizzy watching her!

8:22 PM, April 07, 2009  

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