Friday, May 08, 2009

'Bout Time

Congressman John Boozman has at last signed on as a co-sponsor of Ron Paul's HR 1207, which would conduct a through audit of the Federal Reserve for the first time. Right now, they are under no obligation to tell congress who they are giving those trillions of dollars too, and they are not telling!

When Boozman voted for the bailouts over the strident objections of his constituients ist was infuriating. His reluctance to sign on to HR 1207 was like rubbing salt in an open wound for me. Finally, after 140 other members of congress have signed on (about 90% Republican and 10% Democrat) Boozman found time to sign on himself.

Better late to the party than never, but NWA is a very conservative area. I have to think we can come up with a congressman that will display more leadership on conservative issues rather that signing up only after it is clear that a bill or cause has overwhelming momentum. That's NOT when we need our Congressman to step forward.


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