Sunday, May 31, 2009

Guilt By False Association

Click here for an example of the life's work of slain late-term abortionist George Tiller. But be warned that this image of what Tiller did on a daily basis is not for the faint of heart.
Abortionist Dr. George Tiller was shot dead in Wichita Kansas today as he attended a religious service. There is no need for me to offer an opinion as to the fate of his immortal soul, because he now stands before the only One whose judgment on such matters counts. I know only his actions: he made his living by violence, and by violence he died.

Operation Rescue, the anti-abortion group which often protested at Tiller's abortion clinic, condemned the murder of Tiller in the same spirit with which they condemned the thousands of murders that George Tiller committed in his life time. "We are pro life, and this act was antithetical to what we believe.” said Operation Rescue Director Troy Newman. The lead suspect at this time is a 51 year old man named Scott Roeder. Apparently he believes in "individual sovereignty" (that is, he is a rebel against all government) and is a tax protester with a history of prior arrests. That is not the profile of a typical pro-lifer.

Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama's Chief of Staff, believes that they "should never let a crisis go to waste". That is to say, whatever is in the news should be seized on as a chance to further whatever agenda they have anyway. I fear they have an agenda to clamp down on pro-lifers. Tiller's clinic was already a "free speech exclusion zone" where the government suppressed the free-speech rights of abortion protesters.

I see this as an excuse for more federal gun control and registration, more using the law against people who join organizations to advance political positions out of favor with the administration, and an attempt to silence free speech by labeling it a "hate crime". Here is the statist case: Your and my opposition to abortion incited Roeder, or whoever, to pull that trigger. Therefore if you speak out against abortion (or homosexual marriage or whatever else they want you to shut up about) then YOU should bear part of the guilt for the crime.

It is all rot of course. You didn't hear them accusing Al Gore of inciting murder when the Unibomber was on his crime spree. Indeed ELF is sabotaging old forest trees in ways that are dangerous to loggers right now, but you don't hear the media demanding that environmentalists quit their absurd scare tactics. That is because that manufactured crisis does not fit their template.

Everything about this case is a travesty. The way Tiller lived his life was a travesty. The way the government would not protect innocent human life from Tiller's scalpel was a tragedy. The way the government conspired to suppress the first amendment rights of the righteous souls who showed up to protest against the bloodshed is a travesty. The way Tiller's religious organization attempts to pass itself off as a church who honors the God of the Bible is a travesty. And the way Tiller was murdered was also a travesty.

I fear that the travesty to come is what the corporate-media-government complex is going to use this story to do.


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