Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Unseen Hand on Lottery Director Applications?

House Speaker Robbie Wills seems to think that there is an unseen hand directing out-of-state applicants to apply for the position of lottery director. The experience of such applicants no doubt was a factor in the withdrawal of Will's favorite candidate, Tom Courtway.

Wills writes "I wonder if the same folks who were so down on Courtway will now turn their attention to the many other “non-industry” applicants who, unlike the handful of applicants who’ve worked for a lottery organization, have the temerity to think they’d do a good job through innate talent and leadership ability. Or delve into what - or who - inspired the out-of-state lottery candidates to submit their applications."

The pay for this position is an outrageous $350,000 a year, so the unseen hand might be that of Adam Smith's free market at work. Or, it could be a behind-the-scenes move by Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, a man who spent almost all of his adult life outside the state until returning to run for Lt. Governor. Courtway could have been counted on by the good 'ole boys to run the lottery the way they wanted, leaving Halter on the outside looking in at a lottery that he initiated.


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