Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hooray for the Volunteer State Again

I continue to be impressed by our neighbors to the east. I believe that many of our legislators could benefit from the "profiles in courage" of the Tennessee legislature. As I reported earlier, they overwhelmingly approved a sovereignty resolution which reprimanded the federal government for over-reach and usurpation of authority which rightfully belongs to the states. Then they defunded Planned Parenthood.

Now it appears that the Davidson County Sheriff's Office will continue to jail illegal aliens caught driving without a license even though the Feds are refusing to deport most of them.

A lot of us have been hit by illegal aliens. Typically, they don't have a license, and don't have insurance. Sometimes they just run. At any rate, they don't pay for damages. If you get hit by one, you have to eat it. And since they have no license, no one has even determined if they understand our signage and traffic laws well enough to even safely operate a motor vehicle.

The Federal government, while trying to control every other area of our life, is derelict in its duty to protect our border and keep us safe from illegal aliens who routinely operate outside of our laws. I am glad that many state and local governments are not waiting for federal permission before they perform the first duty of government (protection of innocent life and property). I just wish Arkansans could find it in their hearts to elect some more folks like that.


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