Sunday, August 16, 2009

Civil Protestors Dog Lincoln


Anonymous Cynic said...

Lincoln is caught in the somewhat unfortunate circumstance of being a Democrat from a red state. She's trying to keep the party honchos in DC happy, while simultaneously trying to tip-toe along the line (but not across it) with conservative Arkansas voters. NW Arkansas puts her in a fairly difficult position, b/c there's no way she can toe the line with the conservative base there (b/c keeping the party honchos in DC happy alone is enough to send them into orbit - and right now, justifiably so), but she can attend Kiwanis, Rotary, church, & orchestrated town hall meetings elsewhwere in Arkansas and simply regurgitate the populist talking points and escape pretty much unscathed. Plus, being the incumbent, she won't have (and hasn't so far had) any trouble at all raising campaign money, particularly from out of state. Arkansas should decide whether it is truly a red state and if so, start sending more conservatives (and I don't necessarily mean Republicans) to Washington.

7:39 PM, August 16, 2009  

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