Friday, August 07, 2009

Ice Age to Start "Sometime about now"

During the height of the last Ice Age, a sheet of Ice about a mile thick extended all the way down past the location of present-day Chicago. "Global Warming" continues to be a hoax. If anything, we need MORE carbon emissions, not "cap and trade", to help stave off the next Ice Age!

Scientists believe that they have nailed down what causes ice ages. It turns out that it is related to orbital patterns and the gyrating (over vast amounts of time) of the Earth's axis relative to the sun. Based on their calculations, the next Ice Age is due to begin "Sometime about now". These things could take centuries, or even millenia to come on, so there is no need to panic just yet. Nor is their any need to panic over the chimerical "global warming" threat.

The control-freaks who have been using the non-existent "threat" of global warming to try to gain money and power may have to switch gears. The NEW reason that you should give them money and power is so they can stop "global cooling".


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