Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Info on the Travelling Lincoln Circus

I hope you have been following the gyrations of the Senator Blanche Lincoln meeting that went down in Benton County today. Conflicted descriptions of the meeting format came from different Dem. sources, and the location of the event was changed 1 day before hand. Laurie Masterson on Master Log had this to say....

"One might argue that Organizing for America could send an “erroneous email” and get it wrong, being that they are supposedly an arm of the Obama Administration, but to try and convince me that an organization with an impeccable reputation for facts such as got it wrong is a whole nother matter. What really strikes me as peculiar is the names at the bottom of the email from, Carole Westby, Charles Aldrich & Bill Millager. Umm I have seen these names somewhere before…where was it? OH! I know here on the Benton county Democrats’ site on Aug 4th announcing the “Summer Rally/Picnic”\\Now am I supposed to believe that the contacts being the same for both organizations (Benton County Dems and had a miscommunication between themselves? Well let’s just say I “report, you decide”.

I am not saying this happened (and I am not, not saying it either) but it looks like what might have been a plan to STACK a meeting with friendlies and perhaps have a very favorable Town Hall for the news media got just a little out of hand.


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