Friday, August 07, 2009

While Synder Denies, Frank Admits Bill Best Route to "Single Payer"

When a questioner at a Town Hall meeting asked Congressman Vic Synder about a Single Payer System, he claimed to be against it and that President Obama was against it too. "Liar!" erupted a chorus of protesting citizens. The jeers lasted maybe five seconds. Synder insisted that the Public Option was "not at all" the same as supporting a single payer system.

Was the crowd disrespecting him with baseless accusations of dishonesty, or is he disrespecting them by lying to their faces? The video above of Congressman Barney Frank (Deviant, Massachusetts) just may reveal the answer. Frank tells the pro-single payer interviewer that a bill with a strong public option is the best way to get to single payer. In addition, here is a video from a year ago in which Obama flatly declares that he is in favor of a single-payer system.

It is obvious that the plan of the Democratic leadership is to get a bill with a public option, then use it to shift and conceal costs so that the private options can't compete- over time becoming a single-payer system. Can people who choose single payer ever go back to private payer? Can we afford a single payer system that does not use rationing of health care, and if not, who trusts their local government official to be the rationer of their families health care?


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