Friday, September 04, 2009

Health Bill to Fund Government Home Visits For Vaccinations

In the Elian Gonzales case, government agents are shown here making a "home visit". Now Elian has free government health care!
CNS news service reports that the Senate's main health care bill, The Affordable Health Choices Act, has provisions for a pilot program that would send government agents to the homes of people whose children have not had as many vaccinations as the drug companies/government thinks that they should have.

It seems that American citizens are not purchasing as many vaccines as the makers of those vaccines would like. Perhaps this has something to do with the known health risks of injecting these foreign agents into one's body. But no matter. The drug companies have simply decided to bribe your Senators into using the government to pressure you into using their product. Who needs marketing when you can simply get the legislature to pass laws saying that government agents will be used to go to the homes of people who choose not to use the product and ask them to "choose again".


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