Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Evolutionists Still Broke, But Bold

The Cambrian Explosion: Multicellular animals with true tissues appear for the first time in a multitude of new forms.
A Science Daily article reports about a novel theory to explain the Cambrian Explosion. This is a very narrow window in Earth's history in which basically every body plan (phylum) of animal life we have today, and many more that have gone extinct, show up in the fossil record in a geological instant. There is simply no evolutionary mechanism by which such vast amount change can happen in such a relatively brief period of time. Because of this, evos have been trying to explain away the Cambrian Explosion for years, mostly by spinning fanciful tales of how the creatures were already there, but not fossilized until certain environmental conditions occurred. In other words, an idea that does not rest on evidence but rather attempts to explain the absence of expected evidence.

The article boasts "the question of what was the trigger for the single cell microorganisms to assemble and organize into multicellular organisms has remained unanswered until now." But the question remains unanswered in the article, and instead only experiment-free speculation is offered. Their experiment only tested the effect that an increase in dissolved calcium had on the properties of a single molecule in marine sponges. Sponges are simple animals, but they don't have true tissues, and they were already around at the start of the Cambrian. Perhaps more calcium in the water does help the molecule that allows them to adhere to other sponge cells work more effectively, but the way the article tries to take that tiny fact and blow it up into "the explanation" for the origin of true multicellular animals is preposterous. Evolutionists are broke. They are going on pure bluff now. It's a bigger science hoax that global warming.

I tell you what, let me just quote a paragraph from the poorly-worded article and you judge for yourself...

"The researchers succeeded to show that the massive and sudden surge in the calcium concentration of the Cambrian seawater -- that is believed to be the result of volcanically active midocean ridges -- not only initiated the buildup of calcified shells, but was also mandatory for the aggregation and stabilisation of multicellular sponge structures. This allows, on the other hand, to formulate a novel theory where the geologically induced increase of marine calcium might be the key for understanding the Cambrian Explosion of Life."

Notice that they did not use calcium to turn single-celled animals into sponges. They did not get a sponge to become any other type of creature by increasing calcium. All they showed was that one part of cell adhesion between sponge cells works better when there is more calcium. To claim that is any explanation at all for the fossil evidence from the Cambrian is absurd. Claims like this masquerading as science deserve to be mocked by people who really care about the integrity of the scientific process.

Mark Twain once wrote that only with science can a man get such a wholesale return of conjecture based on such a trifling investment of fact.


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